After graduating from the 3rd senior high school of Zografou, I entered the higher education, more specifically the Technological Education Institute of central Macedonia.


My start in Web Design

The Institute’s dean assigned to me and some fellow students the implementation of the site of TEI of Serres (


Teacher at Vocational Training Centers (Κ.Ε.Κ)

I worked as a Web Design teacher (HTML & CSS) and ECDL at various Vocational Training Centers in Serres.



After I had graduated from the Technological Educational Institute I reported to Avlona in order to do my military service at the armored corps as a radio-operator/gunner of the main battle tank M48 Molf. A series of transfers and trainings at Lesvos, Alexandroupoli, Xanthi and Serres at the Headquarters Company of the 10th Infantry Division came next.


Teacher at primary schools/Lambrakis Press

In 2006 I was appointed an IT (information technology) teacher at the 2nd and 14th primary schools of Zografou for a year. In addition, I was hired at Lambrakis Press Group (where I had been working since November 2013) as a Systems Administrator and later as a Web Designer.


Foundation of GoodLooking

I founded the private enterprise “GoodLooking” and I had been providing Web Design (WordPress sites development) and Web Hosting services since 2012.


Got hired at Real Consulting

I got hired at the Real Consulting Company and worked on web sites and mobile apps designing (UI/UX) as a Senior Web Designer (

Visit Real Consulting 2014

#1 Travel Site of Santorini

Along with my good friend and partner Marios Fytros, we created the most complete Travel site of Santorini. It includes a wide photo gallery, 360 panoramic photographs, videos from Drone, hotels and Travel Guides.

Visit Santorini View 2015

Co-foundation of the Atlantis Software

The ATLANTIS SOFTWARE Company takes action on research and software application development using modern information technologies.

Visit ATLANTIS Software 2017